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Forget that Japanifornia comic and look at this; the artist clearly knows what’s up.

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I will never stop laughing at this

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"But Mr. Wright.  It’s really nice and sturdy.  Look!"

Me around children in general

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I need help guys, from you all that speak english natively.

This is one of my fave songs in spanish (“Hazme un sitio entre tu piel”/”Give me a place among your skin” could be the best translation I could come up with) Mago de Oz is a spanish metal-rock band I love, and finding this sort of things that they don’t usually do is hard.

The problem I have is… my spoken english is garbage but when I listen to it is a pain in the butt sometimes. And I just can’t get what the song says this time aside “when I close my eyes”. Before a concert, they have this thing in play with their songs and the lyrics to get throats ready and all that, so they made almost a complete cover of their original song in english BUT… I don’t understand 2 damns for the quality this thing has (is a RARE thing is not even included in special CDs and all that).

If any of you can help me to get the best you can the lyrics, it would be really appreciated, I can even give you a free art request ;w;

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You absolutely need to look at this entire blog post. It’s both intimidating and inspirational.


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Before and After

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The national geographic one gets me all the time.