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Witaxx On Fire


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i recolored this like a trillion times omfg

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Anonymous said:
can i request really cute johndave cuddles?

Anonymous said:
can u do johndave forehead kisses?! (could be either one!) :D

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egbert what the fuck

Warning: eye strain (bright colors)
I’d rather you not reblog my art than remove the warning, thank you.

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I am a beginner with animating in photoshop and John doesn’t react properly. Like. Dude. Fucking blush already. You’re embarrassing.
Look at Dave he’s doing it right! Can you not bully the boy that gathered all his courage and was about to confess to you before you started to make fun of him. John you dick. Children are mean.

EB: i still think that was so worth it.
TG: good because you deserved it
EB: which one?
TG: both
EB: awwww dave!
TG: i know im fucking adorable

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one last thing before I go to bed yeeeeeeeeeeh

I don’t care that it’s dumb it needed to be done

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in other news i’ve been drawing dave’s cape wrong this entire time apparently

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Davejohn doodles~

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everyone i know in real life’s skype is just their name and the template skype icon meanwhile my internet friends are 


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